Airlines Ban Fabric Masks – What Types are Allowed?

A surgical mask is spray painted on a wall

There are so many question we have before we travel, and here’s the latest: What Types of Masks are Allowed on Planes? Using a fabric mask could lead you to being turned away from your flight.

Since February, German national, Lufthansa, has had a strict mask mandate in place. Fabric masks, scarves, and ‘everyday masks’ are no longer allowed. Instead passengers would only be permitted if they wore masks that were either surgical, were an FFP2 mask, or a KN95/N95 model.

Now, more airlines have joined Lufthansa with stricter mask mandates.

Which Airlines Accept Which Masks

On the 16th of August, Finnair’s new mask rules came into play. Now, only FFP2, KN95 and N95 or FFP3 respirator masks without valves will be accepted for travel. The airline reiterated that masks must be worn at all times, and can only be removed briefly for eating and drinking.

Air France has also made surgical masks mandatory on all its flights. FFP masks are also permitted, but cloth masks are not. Additionally, masks must be worn both inside and outside of the terminals.

Air Croatia has advised passengers that they will only accept surgical masks and filtering masks (FFP2, KN95 and N95). Filtering masks with valves, and cloth masks will not be allowed.

Swissair requires all their passengers to wear surgical grade masks if they are over the age of 12. Once again, the FFP2, KN95, or N95 masks are also accepted.

LATAM airlines in South America requires passengers to wear either three layered surgical masks, or KN95 or N95 masks on their domestic flights.

As more and more airlines move to specifications on mask mandates, it’s better to play it safe when travelling and invest in some surgical masks. Across the world, more and more airlines, even if not requiring a specific type of mask, are banning fabric masks, scarves, bandanas, and balaclavas.

So, don’t get caught with your mask down – double check your airline’s requirements before travelling!

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