Sustainable Travel: An Exciting Partnership to Save the Rainforests

SafeScore and Reflora are pleased to announce their exciting new partnership. SafeScore, a B2B travel data company based in Ireland, and Reflora, an innovative sustainability start-up based in Lisbon, have joined forces to reduce carbon emissions and make travel more sustainable. 

Reflora Initiative helps businesses around the world reduce their carbon footprint, whilst causing a deep ecological and social impact through globally placed forest projects. These projects are focused on the reduction and neutralisation of carbon emissions, thus contributing to the mitigation of climate change on the planet.

Through high-impact forestry projects, Reflora’s environmental investments focus on conservation and reforestation of ecosystems, and the empowerment of local communities through means of sustainable employment. In addition, the company’s many projects protect ecological havens, home to over hundreds of rare and endangered species.

Together with SafeScore, this partnership will provide the aviation industry a transparent method to improve, not only their own carbon footprint, but also that of their passengers. By purchasing affordable carbon credits through a few clicks, travelers are given the power to do their bit to save the rainforests.

Become an environmental and social hero in just a few clicks: SafeScore and Reflora help passengers travel responsibly

SafeScore Head of Communications, Olivia Maurel says, “We work hard to help the travel industry’s recovery, but we also know that it’s imperative for the rainforests to recover too. Our partnership with Reflora allows us to help the passenger’s journey go that one step further”.

The whole process of carbon credits is transparent and registered by international certifying companies that attest the quality of the supported projects and guarantee that the resources are being allocated to their real purpose.

Featured alongside need-to-know travel data provided by SafeScore, passengers have easy access to the carbon credit function, and can be confident that their credits are going towards reputable, and impactful environmental projects. 

For the co-founder of Reflora, Nicholas Phillips, “only the joint action of all can guarantee that the planet achieves environmental balance. We believe that this partnership with SafeScore is an important step in that direction, as it provides an opportunity for all of us that are part of the aviation industry, whether as passengers, consumers, or employees, to reduce our carbon footprint”.

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